The Road to Success: Tips from Trade Me’s Exec Team – Part 1

Here at Trade Me, we not only talk the jobseeking talk, we walk the walk.

After all, we’ve been in the same shoes as our online audience to get to the jobs we’re in now.

So how did those at Trade Me do it? We thought it only right to ask our executive team for their pearls of wisdom about climbing the career ladder.

Grab a coffee and take a minute to make like a sponge and absorb some career developing inspiration in the first of this two-part series.

Part 1

Work hard, be smart, reap the rewards

We all know hard work pays off, but the real secret to success is working smart.

Putting in 15 hour days to impress the boss, then burning out within a month while delivering substandard work is not an example of working smart. Instead, pour your work ethic into areas that really count and aim for high standards, not high hours.

We’ll let our executive team explain in their words.

 CCO1553 Exec Quotes For Twitter FA Jon

It’s as easy as saying “yes, I’ll do it”. Forget about tall poppy syndrome for a minute and, when the time is right, put yourself out there to reach the goal you’ve set for yourself. But how?

  • Take, or ask for, any opportunity to upskill such as a training course or a temporary leadership role.

  • Do a task that nobody else wants to do – you might learn something new and/or get noticed.

  • Take initiative and suggest ways you could help to solve a problem or challenge, perhaps using skills you have that are not normally used in this workplace.

  • See an opportunity for your workplace, or for yourself? Make this clear to your boss or team leader.

CCO1553 Exec Quotes For Twitter FA Alan

Success generally doesn’t come knocking at your door without a bit of elbow grease, and a few nerves along the way. So how do you work toward finding those opportunities?

  • Aim to impress, not only for the job you want, but for the job you already have. After all, your current and future employers will probably talk to each other.

  • Tailor your CV and work experience, using the relevant skills you have, to the position you’re ultimately aiming for.  Gather as much knowledge as you can in your current job.

  • Plan where you want your career to go, but don’t shy away from unexpected career development opportunities that may crop up along the way. Scary or not, they may be the path to success.

CCO1553 Exec Quotes For Twitter FA Jeremy

This applies to a wide range of jobs, not just to executive positions. Other tips on how to be a good leader or team member include:

  • Clear, open communication.

  • Displaying honesty and integrity.

  • The ability to delegate tasks and responsibility, allowing others to develop their skills.

CCO1553 Exec Quotes For Twitter FA Stuart

This can be as simple as putting in the hard yards using your existing skills, or it could mean asking for help or upskilling. Other ways to ensure you’re always doing the best job you can to ultimately impress and further your career path, include:

  • Be super organised, even if it means coming in earlier during a busy or critical period to set yourself up for the day.

  • Clearly communicate with your boss and your colleagues.

  • Go the extra mile to ensure the job is far beyond just ‘ok’, because in the long run it will benefit you.

Part 2 of this series is on Personal growth - check it out!