Seven reasons to work in hospitality

Hospitality is an exciting industry brimming with career opportunities for those willing to take them. We delve into the seven top reasons why hospitality is a great sector to base your career on, and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your job.

1. It’s never dull

Variety is the spice of life and this is particularly true in hospitality. What other industry offers so many opportunities in so many locations?

This is a sector that could take you from being a barista at your local cafe to being a bartender in the Bahamas, then to manager of a large hotel in Hong Kong or top chef in Morocco - the world is there for the taking, if you choose.

2. Flexible hours

Flexi-time working hours originated in the hospitality sector. Work nights then enjoy your afternoons, early start = early finish.

Make your hours, whatever they are, work for you and your lifestyle. Take advantage of having free time when most other people are at work, be it at the beach, the shops with no lines and the movies with lots of spare seats.

3. Plentiful opportunities

Being so large and varied, the hospitality industry has many training opportunities, which may in some cases be paid for by your employer. Earning industry-specific qualifications while working means you get to move up in your career, without the burden of study costs.

4. Room to grow

Hospitality is never dull. It’s an ever-changing industry that presents a myriad opportunities to those who are prepared to take them. Embrace the change.

Moving up the career ladder can mean shifting between departments and picking up new skills along the way, if you’re willing to be flexible and adapt. The result will be a huge array of skills, qualifications and certifications that can take you anywhere you choose.

5. Move up the ladder

Change is good, but moving up within a single business is a realistic option too.

Hospitality is an industry with frequent turnover, so stick at a job and the company could reward you with a swift climb up the ladder.

Many areas of hospitality, such as larger hotels, offer in-house professional development programmes to advance your career, and then present you with opportunities to apply for new positions.

6. Work anywhere, anytime, always

A huge positive to working in hospitality is that there are always jobs, because people will always need coffee, food and a hotel bed.

The more experience and qualifications you can build up, the more opportunities will present themselves in this vibrant industry.

7. You’ll never go hungry or thirsty

Free meals! Free coffee! Mates who make great cocktails! Need we say more?

While many employers happily supply food and beverages free of charge to employees, ensure you remain respectful and keep moderation in mind.