7 work hacks that will make your days more awesome

Happiness at work isn’t uncharted territory. We all know what we need to do for physical and mental wellbeing in your work space – asking for help, taking breaks, sitting on a giant rubber ball – the list goes on. It’s all super important, but what if you’ve got that down and are looking for something more… awesome.

Get quizzical.

There are a million different daily quizzes you could take part in, and a bit of vicious friendly team competition is always a great way to spark some top-notch banter. 

Hot water bottles.

Most office spaces dial down the AC to accommodate lots of humans in close proximity, but if you tend to run cold it can be rather uncomfortable. Tuck a hottie away in your draw for the times when you need to get a little snuggy.

Make your desk great again.

We know this is an oldie, but it’s a goodie, so we’re keeping it on the list. Studies show that people are 217% more productive when their work space reflects their personality,* so get a plant, some books, vivids, a coffee plunger, some photos – anything to make your desk feel personally ‘on brand’.


Doesn’t really need explaining further.

Punishing parent pics.

Be it dogs, kittens, plants, cars, or actual children, everyone has something they want to share with their co-workers, given the opportunity. A video of a two-year-old playing with bubbles can only make your day better, plus, it makes you closer with your workmates, which is always nice.

Cafe meetings.

You can be productive and drink coffee. Getting out of your standard space can be pretty refreshing, give a different feeling to a conversation, and generally just be fun. And again, there’s coffee. 

Get a slide.

Because, why not – we do.

* 100% not a real statistic.