6 ways to nail your baking roster when you 100% forgot about it

It’s 8.30pm. You’ve nestled yourself on the couch with a wine and every intention of binging a solid five episodes of your latest Netflix crush, until you remember – the team meeting tomorrow. It’s your turn to bake, and the ‘effort to care’ ratio is well off balance.

Well, have no fear, friends. We got you.

Not a natural born baker? Find yourself a YouTuber.

Be wary of falling down a time-suck rabbit hole, but we’re telling you – when you know what the each step is meant to look like, it’s infinitely easier. This one is good.

Don’t have a bunch of time? Stick to a brownie box-mix.

Baking blasphemy, but sometimes you gotta do it. Don’t trust anyone who says they don’t like brownies, they’re wrong or lying. You’re looking for something that you can a) not eff up, and b) whack together, bash in the oven (or even just push into a tray), and be done with. Nothing you need to ice or decorate. Who even has time for that? No-one, that’s who.

Baking for allergies? Don’t.

Here’s the thing – those gluten-free, dairy-free, carb-free, taste-free cookies are going to probably be bloody expensive to make, and unless you eat that way yourself, you’re not likely to have all this stuff on hand. Pop to the supermarket, grab something from the health food aisle and call it a day. It’ll taste better and your sanity and bank balance will remain safely in tact.

Netflix takes priority? Commit to failure.

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier, and pop to your local bakery (or the supermarket for some Ernest Adams, let’s be honest) before work to grab something to bring. You’ll be judged, but only until the sugar kicks in.

The overachiever kicks in and you feel the pull of the insta story? Commit.

You go Glen Coco. When fully committing you can’t actually go wrong. You’re going to get massive props if it turns out well, and massive props for effort if it all goes to hell. Either way, you’re a winner. Cupcakes are a solid option, offering deliciousness, a range of options, and are fancy-pants enough for a wee photo shoot to boot.

All you really want is the love and respect of those you work with? Sausage rolls.

Trust us. They’re always the hero...and a surprisingly good conversation starter. Think about it, when did you last have a sausage roll without talking about your favourite childhood party food? Don’t forget the Watties.