5 unofficial KPIs your team should nail in 2019

  1. Legendary team costumes. From hot dogs to flamingos to the Spice Girls, a reputation as the ‘best dressed’ is never a bad thing to have. Get competitive within your company for extra fun. Go outside the box or go home, and bonus points for a scheduled, on-theme photo shoot.

  2. Planned dance routine. Picture this: it’s the company Christmas do. You and your team are milling about – then, Single Ladies begins to play. You look around the room for your team (who are doing the same) and as you come together you form a space in the crowd, where you all perform the most sensational rendition of the dance classic anyone has ever seen. Commitment and finesse are absolutely key.

  1. Best desk setup. Be it St Paddy’s day, Christmas, or just a random Wednesday, make your desk setup enviable. Even some paper pom-poms or a hilarious banner will do the trick. The cool thing about this is that it spreads wider than just your immediate team – anything festive makes people happy, and helps create a fun atmosphere.

  1. Champion something. Be it customer care, te reo Maori, positive staff culture, better efficiency – you can make a big shift in something meaningful, so think bigger and go do.

  2. Get creative. All the previous suggestions a bit much? No worries, just reach for your standard, professional, and appropriate KPIs, but measure them in an awesome way. Think old-school star charts, inter-team competitions, prizes, or celebratory kombuchas.