5 compelling arguments in favour of power dressing

The idea of power dressing has been around for years – and as time goes on it seems it’s not going anywhere. We’re bombarded with corporate must-dos, flashy vogue shots and checklists of what makes the perfect outfit, but we reckon the definition of ‘power’ is changing when it comes to work attire.

Everyone has different roles and workplaces, and power dressing doesn’t just apply to those working white-collar positions anymore. It’s more about wearing clothing that reflect who you are, and where you want to go – not so much about stilettos and windsor knots (although those things are cool too, if that’s your jam).

The vibe of power-dressing is going to differ between industries, but in general we’re talking well fitted, tidy, professional outfit choices. Even if you’re wearing something as casual as shorts and a t-shirt, these rules can apply. Please also make no mistake – wearing clean clothes is also a very big part of power dressing. 

From a developer to a bartender to a nanny to a startup CEO – everyone can dress powerfully, and here’s why you should…

Emotions and stuff.

At the risk of sounding like Oprah: dress to impress yourself. Dressing like someone else or like you’re trying to prove something has a flow-on effect. Chances are you’ll be feeling a little less like ‘you’, which (in our humble opinion) isn’t you living your best life, and certainly isn’t powerful. If you feel awesome in what you’re wearing, you’ll walk, talk, and act more like yourself. Hurrah for powerful feelings. 

You’re in control.

Like it or lump it – first impressions matter. In the past, professionalism has been the main draw card when it comes to power dressing, and while that’s still important, other factors are also increasingly relevant: intelligence, humour, personality – all things that can be demonstrated in the way one dresses. When you power-dress, you get to decide how you want to be perceived. 

Everyone loves an opportunity.

Life is full of opportunities. To be creative, to be ambitious, to be considered, to be iconic. Dressing is no exception, so mix it up – wear the tie-dye tie, try a scarf-belt, rock that sustainably-and-ethically created scrunchie. 

Company photos are stress-free.

They’re often mildly awkward, and this won’t help with that, but at least you’ll feel your best if one is sprung on you.

It’s time efficient.

The thing with dressing like a boss is that it doesn’t always accommodate for those of us who roll out of bed after 12 alarm snoozes, and want minimum-effort decision making. It forces you to prepare a well-considered outfit the night before. This means you could dress in the dark and still emerge into the morning light an impressive, compellingly-dressed individual. Life-hack?