Things people don't check - but should

We’ve all been there. Reading your old cover letter or worse, your new one after sending it out, only to find a handful of spelling errors or a bit of weird formatting. While it may make you cringe, it could be worse…

Check out these four tips to ensure your cover letter is 100% awesome

1. KILL ‘To whom it may concern…’

Hiring managers want to know you’ve done a bit of research about the role you’re applying for and being able to put the name of the hiring manager, or one of the recruitment team, is a great way to show you’ve brushed up on your knowledge of the company. Who doesn’t love receiving a letter addressed to them personally?

 2. DO sweat the details

Check, double-check and triple-check that you have inserted the right role and the right company in your cover letter. If you tell someone who is filling a “marketing” role that you’re applying for their “Exciting Sales opportunity” you risk leaving them confused at best, or worried about your attention to detail at worst.

3. DON’T dither

Try and keep your cover letter short and sweet – no more than a page if possible. If the role has lots of applicants you want to grab the hiring manager’s attention really quickly and encourage them to check out your CV.

4. BE a storyteller

Try not to sound too formal or robotic in your writing. Inject your personality or even a quick anecdote. If you wanted to apply for a role at Trade Me Jobs you might say: “Having successfully picked up my last two roles using Trade Me Jobs, I would love to work with you to help other people get into awesome jobs they love…”