Showing you’re great

How great would it be to walk into an interview room with the knowledge that the interview panel already knows how amazing you really are?

No, this is a not a story of an ego out of control, it’s the reality of establishing a well-managed online profile of yourself that prospective employers can easily find and be impressed by.

These days, sending out your CV in response to job ads are only part of the overall job-hunting package, which can begin far before you even set out to find your next career gig.

So how do you let companies know you’re great?

Stand out and be counted

Through the wonders of the internet, there are a number of ways to ensure your presence is known, and noted, by those within your industry scene. Done right, your online presence has the power to impress a future employer before they ever set eyes on you. Do this by:

  • Building an online presence and personal brand, creating an algorithm-friendly CV that recruiters’ automated systems will pick up. What? Find out how to Be the Hunted – Not the Hunter.
  • Attend online seminars, discussion boards and other forums and allow key industry figures to notice your attendance and of course your knowledgeable input.
  • Socialise. Besides old-school face to face networking, use social media platforms to build a professional profile of yourself that key people are compelled to notice (for all the right reasons... don’t be a social media rookie and mix personal accounts with professional accounts).

Advertise to the advertisers

Get your name in the hat before a new position is even advertised and gain the advantage. Now that you’ve established your online profile and personal brand, depending on your situation it may be appropriate to let other companies know that you’re on the job hunt, and that you’re worth hiring.

  • Use keywords on your profiles such as “seeking opportunities” or “new role” that online search systems can locate. Don’t forget to include words relating to your industry.
  • Consider keywords that widen your scope to include other industries – who knows what opportunities might materialise.
  • Use your industry connections, online and in real life. Use these both to find opportunities and for personal endorsements – after all, sometimes it’s a case of who you know...

Create a Job Profile

Let recruiters and employers find you and apply for jobs faster by creating one today. Just enter your details, and tell us what sort of job you’re looking for, then let your profile market itself.

Even if you’re not actively job hunting, creating a Job Profile opens the door to your next opportunity.

What if my boss finds out?

Putting your intentions to find another job out there for all to see can obviously create a potentially awkward situation with your current employer. There’s no way around this, but there are ways to deal with it by:

  • pre-warning your boss of your intentions rather than letting them find out on, say, social media
  • being transparent about your bigger picture career plans, after all, there is a reason why you are choosing to take this next step
  • if appropriate, take on board any alternative suggestions or opportunities your employer may present you with.
  • try to keep your employer on side. You may need them for a reference or endorsement.
  • keep sight of your own goals, this is your career, not theirs.