Create a Job Profile

We all know that going through the process of finding a job can be kind of painful, as well as time consuming.

What if you could sit back and let roles to come to you by having your profile available to recruiters and employers who are looking for people with your skills?

Our Job Profile enables you to do exactly that. Enter your details to create your profile, tell us what sort of job you’re looking for, then let your profile market itself to recruiters and employers.

In this digital age, online is where recruiters and employers are hanging out, so it’s important that your profile is right there among them.

It’s as close to job hunting in your sleep as you’re ever going to get, so what are you waiting for? Create your Job Profile.  Even if you’re not actively job hunting, creating a Job Profile opens the door to your next opportunity. Imagine if your dream job happened to just land in your inbox one day...

Create your Job Profile in minutes

It only takes a few minutes to create. Just log in to Trade Me as you normally would, and follow the instructions which will ask you to:

  1. add your personal details (we like to help, so we’ll start this for you using the details we already have from your Trade Me account)

  2. add your skills and education

  3. add your current and previous work experience

  4. add your work preferences to ensure the right jobs find you

That’s it! Your profile will then be available to recruiters and potential employers to read and contact you with relevant opportunities.

You can edit your profile at any time, and change the privacy settings to determine who can view your profile and contact details.

Apply for jobs at lightning speed

Have you spotted a job on Trade Me Jobs that you really really like? Use your profile to quickly apply*.

Automatically create your CV

Job Profile also enables you to generate and download a CV, based off the info contained in your profile.

Control what others see

We’ve included privacy options so you can control whether your details are visible to employers or recruiters or not:

  • Full profile
    Lets employers and recruiters see everything you’ve included in your job profile (personal information, CV, work history and skills) and allows them to contact you about potential jobs.

  • Limited profile
    Your profile is visible to employers and recruiters, but they can’t see all your personal information.

  • Nothing
    Your profile is loaded onto our system for when you need it, but employers and recruiters can’t see it until you change your profile settings.

*For jobs applicable through Trade Me Jobs. Not available for jobs that require you to apply via the advertisers own site.