The Three P's: Preparation, preparation, preparation

It’s important to prepare for an interview no matter what level role you're going for. Most of the time there’s someone else applying for the role you want, so you need to leave the employer with no doubt that you're the one for the job.

A good idea to run through different questions you could get asked during the interview with a friend.

Questions you may be asked could include:

Can you give me an example of when you worked somewhere where something didn’t go to plan – what was your role in this and what did you do to help get it back on track?

The employer wants to know how you handle situations that don’t go quite to plan.

Give us an example of when a client/customer was unhappy with something. What did you do to appease the situation?

You need to be able to show that you can handle tough situations with clients/customers in a professional and calm manner.

What are your strengths?

Have a think about what you’re really good at and how this would lend itself to the role in question.

What are your weaknesses?

Remember to be honest but don’t highlight a weakness specifically needed as a strength for the role you’re applying for. It’s a good idea to focus on something you are working on improving and show what steps you are taking to get better at this.

Tell us about you – who are you?

Employers ask this because they genuinely want to know who you are outside of work. Give them a short summary of who you are and what you like doing.

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