Creative ways to land a job

In these digital times, there are a bunch of creative options to ensure you and your skills rise above the rest to be noticed. What are some creative ways to land a job?


An increasingly popular addition to the modern digital CV is to include a video.  This is a great tool to help you get noticed and give the recruiter a glimpse into your personality. Tips?

  • Film yourself in front of an uncluttered background. Definitely don’t include your laundry pile and dishes.

  • Dress appropriately, as you would for the job interview.

  • Keep it short, sharp and to the point. No recruiter has time to watch a feature-length movie during their working day.

  • Speak clearly and just like you would in an interview - don’t read your lines.

  • Like your written CV, your video needs to stand out. Are you not that confident talking in front of the camera? Consider carefully whether video will benefit your application or hinder it.

Creative and interactive

Your area of work may allow, or even demand, a creative approach to your resume. An obvious example is a graphic designer: No number of bold subtitles in Times New Roman will make your CV pop in that industry.

Instead, create a stand-out design that translates well digitally, and show where your skills really are. A quick internet search will reveal a sea of creative ideas, from CVs printed on toys, QR codes linking to video, CVs created to resemble product packaging, posters, infographics, websites, interactive games and mock social media pages.

Here’s one we thought was pretty amazing.

It’s all in the delivery

Remember it’s not just your application but the way it’s delivered that is an opportunity to get creative.

Whether it’s an email cover note in the form of a haiku or delivering a hard copy on banana-patterned paper while dressed in a monkey suit, you’re only limited by your imagination.

‘O’ for online

Even if they’re blown away by your application, it’s quite likely prospective employers or recruitment agents will also check you out online.

Keep their faith in you as a hot prospect by ensuring your Instagram and Twitter accounts, and any other online accounts that are publicly available, match up on the creative and professional front.

Cautionary note

While seeing a CV printed on something you’d never expect is great fun, and likely to grab attention, ensure that you keep your resume professional in its content, and industry-specific in its design.

  • A CV for a position at a top law firm or medical facility will call for a very different tone to a CV vying to be noticed at a leading creative advertising company.

  • While some job advertisements will call specifically for something different, for others a clean, informative couple of pages is all that is required to make your great skills stand out from the rest.

However you choose to put your CV out there, always make sure it is easy, super user-friendly and costs recruiters no extra work, time or effort to absorb it.