Demand for IT skills on the rise

It’s nice to be wanted, isn’t it? And if you work in IT, we can categorically tell you that your skills are in hot demand. As the most lucrative industry on Trade Me Jobs right now, we discuss how to make being wanted work for you.

The IT industry continues to dominate the highest paying roles on Trade Me Jobs, according to an analysis of over 74,000 vacancies listed with us.

There’s never been a better time to enter, or grow within the IT industry, which is actively searching for skilled candidates across the country.

So dust off your CV (digitally speaking, of course) and consider how the demand for your skills could turn into a career boom for you.

Breaking it down

IT is the umbrella term for a large range of skills, so here is a short breakdown of some of the pay you can expect, according to Trade Me Jobs’ 2018 listings:

  • IT architects topped the list with an average pay of $153,222

  • IT management roles earned an average wage of $142,029

  • Overall, employers are offering more to secure talent with a 3.1 per cent increase in average pay to $110,657

IT wants you. But do you want IT?

When your skills are in demand, the ball is sitting solidly in your court. Without being too cocky, this could give you a tad more bargaining power when it comes to settling on remuneration and other job benefits.

  • Consider asking for flexible hours or opportunities to work from home.

  • Agree to a work/life balance that suits you (this is an increasingly important factor for our job hunters, according to our latest insights survey).

  • Ask for opportunities to widen, build on or increase your current skillset. If you target the skills that are most needed, doing so may benefit you as much as the company that needs you.

  • Discuss where your current role can lead to in the future in this fast-moving, dynamic industry.

What are you worth?

Even if you’ve been in the industry for a long time, you may not be entirely sure what your in-demand skills are currently worth to employers. Chances are, pay rates have changed for the better since you first looked at them.

  • Before heading into a job interview or discussion with a potential employer, do some thorough research on current IT pay rates (see above for Trade Me Jobs examples).

  • If you’re being offered significantly below those figures, ask why. Now is the time to shop around for jobs, not accept whatever you’re given.

Promote your profile

While your IT skills are in hot demand, there’s never been a better opportunity to sharpen up your Trade Me Job Profile, and ensure your CV is ready to be snapped up by a high-paying, willing employer.

  • What is a Job Profile? If you don’t have one yet, you should. Here’s how.

  • If you do have a profile, take the time to re-visit and ensure it is up to date with all your skills and experience, ready to impress employers who are just waiting to get in touch with opportunities that would suit you.

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