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Our friends in the recruitment industry often share their views on a variety of topics related to employment.  You'll find all those that are not directly related to job hunting or general market information here.

Should you include 'mum' on your cv?

08 Aug 2017

Consult Recruitment’s Managin... more

How to get your CV into the recruiter’s ‘yes’ pile

08 Aug 2017

Have you ever wondered what happens once your CV has made it into the inbox of a recruiter? You c...

Salary negotiation for job applicants

17 Jul 2017

Asking for a pay rise can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, let alone when you are a job ap...

How to ask for a promotion

07 Jun 2017

Asking for a promotion can be stressful, especially if competition is fierce or if the company is...

Be the first to learn about new jobs

08 May 2017

Did you know most people start looking for a new job on a Monday morning? Your boss probably isn’...

Three ways to impress when you apply for a job

28 Mar 2017

This article comes to you courtesy of our friends at Careers NZ. Over the past decade, a lot has...

Five steps to land your ideal job

21 Mar 2017

This article comes to you courtesy of our friends at Careers NZ. If you're reading this you're p...

Thousands of jobs live here

30 Jan 2017

We challenged Kiwi Comedian Justine Smith to the most intense working week of her life. Will she ...

If you don't get the job

26 Oct 2016

It can be a bit rough when you miss out on a job you were really keen on – here’s some handy info...

The employability skills your next boss is looking for

17 Oct 2016

We all have skills that can help us get work, but what are the most important ones that employers...

Some job ads can baffle even the most seasoned job hunter. Here’s how to make sense of them.

12 Sep 2016

For some, searching for a new job can be daunting. So let’s simplify what those job ads are sayin...
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